A.J.’s Friends

Daycare and Boarding

Double Dog Ranch


Rainier, Oregon

Dog Days Daycare and Boarding


Portland, Oregon


Northwest K9, Inc.

Jerry Walbey

Certified Trainer

(208) 890-2523


Garden City, Idaho

Jerry has trained police dogs and dogs with all sorts of aggression and reactive issues. Because of Jerry’s help, A.J. can now go out with us anywhere and behave like a perfect (well, almost perfect) gentleman. In addition to the training guidance, the support and encouragement Jerry gave us was invaluable.

Dogs A’ Flying Dog Training LLC

Mary Hunter


(208) 938-2300

Eagle, Idaho

Mary helped A.J. learn to focus. She helped me crate train him, and we had a lot of fun at Freestyle and Agility classes with Mary. Mary was a great friend to A.J. and me as we worked through some tough times.

Health Care

VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital



Portland, Oregon

Habitat Veterinary Hospital


(208) 429-1818

Boise, Idaho

Through many, many bouts with cheatgrass; tummy aches; allergies; shots; etc., the staff at Habitat has been wonderful. Special thanks to A.J.’s friend Dr. Frost, who has been very supportive and encouraging as he watched A.J. go from tantrums in the parking lot to attentive and well-behaved.



(208) 375-1600

Garden City, Idaho

WestVet is a round-the-clock emergency care veterinary clinic. They were there for us on Christmas Day when A.J. got into some mischief, and we’re comforted by the thought that they’ll always be there if we need them.