Funny A.J., and More Day Camp

September 13, 2013

Last night A.J. did a very weird thing. Before going to bed I took his collar off and set it on the floor beside his bed. Just after I got into bed I heard him get up and I heard his collar jingling. I crawled to the end of the bed to see what he was doing. I looked down, and saw that he had picked up his collar and set it on his bed. That’s it. He didn’t play with it, he just put in on the bed and lied down. Then he rolled onto his side on top of it. In the morning it was still in the same spot on his bed.

He went to day camp today for the second time. Continue reading “Funny A.J., and More Day Camp”

A.J. Goes to Day Camp

September 11, 2013

Yesterday ended as a bad, bad, A.J. day.

The day started well. A.J. had his first day at doggie day camp. I brought him in at 9:00. I got to watch on the webcam from the lobby as they took him into the room with about a dozen dogs already there. He walked right in with no problems. After a few minutes the attendant came out and said he marched right in, no fear, and was doing great so far. I left him and went home, where I watched him online on the webcam. Continue reading “A.J. Goes to Day Camp”