Christmas V

Another Christmas has come and gone, and A.J. has been as entertaining as ever. No trips to the emergency room, just a lot of fun with our mischievous boy. Here are a few of the things A.J. did that made us laugh:

Playing with Legos

Greg and I received some small toys in our Christmas stockings. I got superhero Legos and Greg got a Minion. We put them together, and I set them on the hearth. Today we ran some errands and left A.J. to watch football while we were out.

We left the house, but I forgot something and had to run back in a few seconds later. A.J. had already settled himself on the couch (where he’s not allowed – except when we’re gone, of course). We were gone for about three hours. We always assume A.J. makes himself comfortable and lies around the whole time we’re gone. We occasionally are proven wrong in that assumption.

After we’d been back home for a little while, I happened to look over at the hearth. One of the superheroes and the Minion were sitting on the hearth. But one superhero was missing. Iron Man’s car was on the floor in front of the hearth, and Iron Man was a couple of feet away. Someone had been playing with our Legos while we were gone.

Who’s been playing with the Legos?

Showing Me Ornaments

I was in the kitchen one day shortly before Christmas. I looked down to see A.J. right next to me, which is not at all unusual. Then I noticed something on the floor by his feet. It was a Christmas ornament from the tree. He had knocked it down and brought it to me. (Fortunately it was still in one piece.) I thanked him for the ornament, then put it back on the tree – much higher this time.

Opening Presents

Greg and I opened our presents at home on Christmas Eve before we went to visit family. We took our presents out from under the tree and set them on the coffee table. I also got A.J. presents out from where I’d been hiding them and put them on the table with the rest.

Usually I help A.J. open his presents. This year he decided he was a big boy and could do it himself. One by one, he took his presents off the coffee table, opened them, played with the toy for a few minutes, then went to get the next present. He knew which presents were his, and he opened them all by himself. He’s so grown up!

To Grandmother’s House We Went

This year we spent Christmas with my parents. It was the first time A.J. was able to spend the holidays with us at his Grandma’s house. I don’t think he’s ever had so much fun at Christmas!

The forecast called for rain on Christmas Eve, but as we were driving up there it began to snow, and it didn’t stop all day. My parents live on several acres, much of it wooded. A.J. had so much fun! He ran through the snow, bounding through the trees, tracking squirrels, and generally just having a great time. He got more presents to unwrap and played nicely with his toys in the house. He was the perfect guest, he rode perfectly in the car the 2 ½ hours there and 1 ½ hours back (the snow was melted when we went home).

Tracking deer and squirrels in the snow.

All in all, A.J. had a very good Christmas. He wishes everyone the happiest of holidays. Happy New Year!!



We found a new place to board A.J. It’s a kennel without kennels. They call it “cage-free boarding.” It’s a place where dozens of dogs who get to spend all day and all night together. At night the dogs go into a big room lined with beds that they all share. Due to our “no dogs on the furniture” rule, A.J. has never had to share his bed. He has several dog beds and blankets, and they’re all his.

Because of this, when we were looking at boarding A.J. where he was going to be sharing a bed with a lot of dogs, we were (okay, I was) a little concerned he’d have trouble. Without my even asking, Greg repeatedly told me he didn’t care if A.J. slept on our bed. So I finally decided – to prepare him to share – A.J. could start sleeping on our bed with us. Continue reading “Bedtime”

A.J. Gets Comfy

We went to see a show last night. The theater is just across the street from our neighborhood so we walked over. Normally when we go somewhere without A.J. we either drive or ride the bikes, so he hears the garage door when we get home and meets us at the door. Last night when we came home we walked up to the front door so he didn’t hear us. I looked in the window and saw A.J. curled up and sound asleep – on the loveseat. He knows he’s not allowed on the furniture, but he’s obviously decided that it’s okay as long as no one else is home. We really couldn’t do anything other than laugh. What a sneaky little guy!

He’s Much Better, Really

January 17, 2014

This morning we went to the park again. Other than A.J. still pulling like crazy we had a good walk. We saw several dogs, and one even reacted to him, but he didn’t react back. So other than the pulling it wasn’t bad. Then we went straight from the park to the vet’s office so A.J. could get a vaccine. I was hoping he’d be kind of tired from the park, but it turns out I just brought him into the vet’s office totally amped up.

No one was in the waiting room when I brought him in. I didn’t realize how amped up he was until Continue reading “He’s Much Better, Really”

Our First Thunderstorm

August 13, 2013

We had a little bit of a thunderstorm around 3 AM. A.J. did great. He woke me up, but I got up, petted him for a few minutes, went back to bed and we all slept through the rest of the storm. He insisted on getting up at 6:30 again. I was tired, so I just let him out and went back to bed until a little after 7:00. He was fine out there on his own.

When we got back from our morning walk I played with him in the house for a little while, since he can’t get all his exercise outside with his foot still all oozy. Continue reading “Our First Thunderstorm”

Day 2

July 27, 2013

Day 2 with A.J. started around 4 AM. He’d had a lot to drink the night before, so I was on the alert for any movement from him. I woke up around 4 AM and he was up and moving around, so I took him out. What a beautiful night. The moon was almost full so it was very light out, and it was nice and warm. A.J. went potty and we came back in. He settled down quickly, and I went back to sleep. Continue reading “Day 2”

Adoption Day

July 26, 2013

This was Adoption Day. PetSmart opened at 10:00, so we left the house at 9:45 and arrived at 10:05. We started all the paperwork and they brought our dog out. When all the paperwork was done we needed to shop, we had absolutely no dog supplies at all. First we took him outside to walk him around a bit. Greg ran with him, and our dog ran alongside him really well. Continue reading “Adoption Day”