You Fill My Heart with Gladness

I love the Pixar movie Inside Out. I especially love the Sadness character; she makes me laugh, probably because I can really relate to her. For Christmas last year, Greg bought me a Sadness doll. When I went on my business trip last week, I brought Sadness with me to cheer me up. (I know that sounds weird, but Sadness does cheer me up.)

I was able to go home and spend a day with Greg and A.J. before heading out on another trip. When I got home Friday night I opened my suitcase and left it on the bedroom floor to clean out on Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up and I got A.J. his breakfast. When he was done he went outside and soon came back in. After I finished my breakfast, I looked outside and saw something blue laying out on the lawn. A.J. had taken Sadness out of my suitcase, carried her outside, and left her there. And I realized: A.J. took away my Sadness.

You fill my heart with gladness,
Take away all my sadness,
Ease my troubles, that’s what you do.

Have I Told You Lately, Van Morrison



Water Toys

This morning A.J. was bouncing around the house with a toy in his mouth. He decided he was thirsty, so he trotted over to his water bowl, his toy still in his mouth. When he got to his bowl, he gently placed the toy in the bowl, then proceeded to drink around it.

Just another weird thing my dog does.

Toy in water bowl
A water bowl seems like a perfectly good place to leave a toy.