Adoption Day

July 26, 2013

This was Adoption Day. PetSmart opened at 10:00, so we left the house at 9:45 and arrived at 10:05. We started all the paperwork and they brought our dog out. When all the paperwork was done we needed to shop, we had absolutely no dog supplies at all. First we took him outside to walk him around a bit. Greg ran with him, and our dog ran alongside him really well. He pooped immediately, which I saw as a good sign that he hadn’t gone in his kennel. Maybe, just maybe, he’s housetrained.

He was incredibly patient while we shopped. He did bark at a dog who came into the store while we were in line paying for everything, but he calmed down again quickly. (We didn’t know it at the time, but this was a sign of things to come.) He sat in the back seat with Greg on the ride home, and had to be pulled back a couple of times when he tried to climb up front with me.

When we got home I walked him up and down the street before bringing him in the backyard. He pooped while we were walking, very runny. I hope he’s just a little stressed and not sick. We came in through the back so I could show him where to go to the bathroom. He peed in the yard, then I brought him into the house. I made him wait for me to go in first. I took him through the house room by room, always making him wait at the entry, then having him walk in after me. When we’d gone through all of the house except the upstairs, I took the leash off and let him go. He trotted around a bit, but mostly kept close to us.

The MilkBone was an interesting experience. I thought all dogs knew about MilkBones. Not this one. I gave him a MilkBone, and he immediately starts trotting around with it looking for a place to hide it. He ran into Greg’s office and left it there for a moment. Then he picked it up and hid it under our bed. He finally decided to eat it.

I was right about needing to learn to stay off the furniture. He keeps jumping up onto the couches, and we keep telling him “off” and getting him back off the couches. This might take a while.

What didn’t take a while was the asking for permission to come in the house. I initially forgot to tell him to wait when we went out of the house, so he doesn’t have that one yet, but it only took maybe two trips out before he’d stop and look at me before coming in. He just might be a quick learner.

We went for a walk in the evening. It was still pretty hot out. He walked nicely on the leash. He reacted once to a dog across the street, but calmed down quickly.

I’m a little worried about the diarrhea, plus he probably needs some more shots, so I made an appointment with a nearby vet for a wellness checkup.

You may have notice that I’ve simply been calling him “our dog” up to this point. I believe a new life should have a new name, so I haven’t been using the name his previous family gave him. But now it was time to finally decide on a permanent name for him. I went with A.J. At this point it doesn’t actually stand for anything, but he is officially A.J.

Bedtime. Not sure yet that we can trust him to roam the room at night, so we set up his crate in the bedroom so he could sleep there. I enticed him into the crate with some cheese, and closed the door. He was immediately very unhappy. I tried getting into bed and he started crying, barking, digging and biting at the crate. I left the room and the crying stopped. He seemed to be okay as long as I wasn’t there, but it’s hard to tell. So I got him another treat, and when he was quiet I gave him some treats. Then I opened the door but wouldn’t let him out and gave him some more treats. Finally I backed up and he bolted out. (Oops, I didn’t mean for that to happen.) So much for the sleeping in the crate idea.

Okay, fine, he’ll sleep on the floor. We then spent the next 10 minutes debating the dog bed on the floor vs. people bed issue. He kept jumping on our bed, I kept saying “Off” and calling him back off the bed. He finally got the idea and stayed on his bed on the floor.

We made it through Day 1.