A Good AJ Day

August 1, 2013

Today went much better than yesterday. A.J. didn’t get me up until 6 AM. We went out for a little bit, came back in, and I was able to get him to lie down again and remain settled down until 7:00. I got up with him at 7:00, gave him his medicine, and fed him. He spent a little time playing with his toys.

Greg got up around 7:30 and went for a bike ride. I went into the bathroom, and when I came out A.J. was lying by the coffee table. I started praising him for being so brave and not having to be right outside the bathroom door when I realized he had a Tootsie Pop in between his front paws. He had pulled the wrapper off and bitten a piece off. I just reached down and took it all from him, and moved the candy dish onto the counter.

We had a fairly uneventful day. He and I went out for a little while and played with the rope toy and the tennis ball. His coughing has gotten much better, he’s hardly coughing at all now and nothing comes up when he does. I let him run around a little more than I have been.

We decided to leave him in the house when we rode bikes to the grocery store today. We closed all the doors, leaving him the living/kitchen/dining areas and the hallway. He also had access to upstairs. We were gone almost an hour and a half. I wasn’t at all optimistic, and just hoped he didn’t chew up anything electronic. Greg was hopeful that he’d be perfectly fine.

We got home, and it looked like he’d been sleeping while we were gone. Nothing was chewed or missing or at all out of place. Good boy!! I now have some hope that we may be able to start leaving him on his own. Once we can really start exercising him, maybe he’ll be okay.

The rest of the evening went well. The wind kicked up and he started to worry a little bit, but I distracted him with a toy and he forgot about it. Today was a good A.J. day.