Funny A.J., and More Day Camp

September 13, 2013

Last night A.J. did a very weird thing. Before going to bed I took his collar off and set it on the floor beside his bed. Just after I got into bed I heard him get up and I heard his collar jingling. I crawled to the end of the bed to see what he was doing. I looked down, and saw that he had picked up his collar and set it on his bed. That’s it. He didn’t play with it, he just put in on the bed and lied down. Then he rolled onto his side on top of it. In the morning it was still in the same spot on his bed.

He went to day camp today for the second time. I got a call in the morning that my volunteer help was needed, so I dropped him off at day camp. He was there for 5 ½ hours this time. I just brought him home, and he’s exhausted. I sat down on the window sill by his water dish to try to get him to drink. He came over to me, put his head down between my knees, and just stood there while I petted him. When I stopped he went over to Greg, leaned against him, and got more petting. Then he went and lied down, and hasn’t moved much since. We’re going to a football game tonight, he should stay out of trouble while we’re gone.