He’s Much Better, Really

January 17, 2014

This morning we went to the park again. Other than A.J. still pulling like crazy we had a good walk. We saw several dogs, and one even reacted to him, but he didn’t react back. So other than the pulling it wasn’t bad. Then we went straight from the park to the vet’s office so A.J. could get a vaccine. I was hoping he’d be kind of tired from the park, but it turns out I just brought him into the vet’s office totally amped up.

No one was in the waiting room when I brought him in. I didn’t realize how amped up he was until I went to sit down. By this point he knows very well he’s not allowed on furniture, but he jumped up on the seat. I told him “No, Down!” and he jumped off, then immediately jumped up again. I told him “No, Down!” again. At this point I really should have taken him back out, he was way too amped up. But I was there for an appointment and thought I had to stay there. Someone came walking out of one of the exam rooms with a dog and A.J. lunged and barked. The woman with the dog jumped back behind the counter with her dog. It was just ugly from that point on.

A.J.’s vet came out to talk to us to see how A.J. was doing. I was trying to explain to him how much better he was, the entire time A.J. screaming at everything that moved. I’m not sure I convinced the vet that A.J. is doing better.