Holiday Troubles II

December 27, 2014

One Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree. One nutcracker Snickers bar. Five or six Lindor milk chocolate truffles, wrapped. One package of Jelly Bellies. Some peanut M&Ms. Some Almond Roca, wrapped.

That’s what A.J. ate tonight while Greg and I were out enjoying a very nice dinner.

I called the emergency vet and there was nothing in that list that was immediately dangerous. They said he’d probably be on a sugar high for a little while (like we could even tell with A.J.), but that we should watch him for 48 hours. I can’t leave him for the next 48 hours to make sure everything gets through his system without any major problems.

We really thought we’d made it through this Christmas without any problems. We had all the candy put up where we didn’t think A.J. could reach it. We were wrong. The one plus is that he managed to knock the candy out of the candy dishes, but instead of falling to the floor and breaking, both candy dishes fell onto a bar stool. How they both managed to land there, and why A.J. didn’t knock them off once they did, I have no idea.

Now the 48-hour watch begins.

Sigh. Happy New Year.