More Dog Door Training

July 13, 2015

A.J. is still asking to go outside most of the time rather than simply using his new dog door. So we did a couple of experiments yesterday to see what he was doing when we weren’t home, and it went really well. First we left for a bike ride, and I put A.J. outside to see if it would occur to him to come back in the house. We got home from our ride, and there he was in the house, greeting us at the door! So he knew to use the door as an “in” door.

In the evening we went out to dinner. This time we left A.J. in the house. But before we left, we managed to leave a couple of dog treats on the patio outside without A.J. knowing we’d done that. When we came home, A.J. was still in the house, but the treats were gone. He must have gone outside at some point and discovered them. Hurray for my smart boy, he’s using his dog door!!