A.J. Has a Brain

August 2, 2015

A.J. got a new toy yesterday. I got him a Kong Genius, hoping it would keep him busy for a little longer than most of his toys do. It worked pretty well. I stuffed a few treats into it, and he worked at it for over half an hour. He got all but the last little piece out.

This morning we got home from our walk and A.J. pounced on his toy and started running around the house. I went into the backyard to water the plants, and of course A.J. came with me. He knows he has to leave his toys at the door, so he dropped the Kong and we went outside.  A.J. immediately turned back towards the door, wanting his toy back. Now that he has a dog door, he could easily just run around to his door, grab the toy, and bring it out, but the door where he’d left his toy wasn’t the door with the dog door in it, so he just stood there. I looked at him and said “If you had a brain you’d know you could get that and bring it out yourself.”

Within five seconds A.J. went running in through his dog door, went to the other door and grabbed his toy, then came running back out his dog door. Imagine that, he does have a brain!