Chasing Shooting Stars

Last night was supposed to be one of the best nights to watch the Perseid meteor shower, so I decided to stay up and watch some of it. Around 11:30 I went outside, set up a lounge chair in middle of the yard, and sat back to enjoy the show. A.J. of course came out with me.

When the first bright meteor went by A.J. started barking. I thought he probably heard a noise or smelled a cat or something. I shushed him because obviously I didn’t want him waking up all the neighbors who decided not to stay up and watch the meteor shower. A few minutes later another meteor went by, and A.J. started barking again. He couldn’t really be barking at the meteors, could he?

A few more minutes and another meteor went by, and sure enough, A.J. started barking again. He really was barking at the meteors! I had trouble shushing him, so this time I sent him into the house. As soon as I sat back in the lounge chair, there was A.J. right beside me. He’d simply run through the house and out his dog door to see why I hadn’t come in with him.

I told him he needed to be quiet, and when the next meteor passed by he was. (He probably didn’t see it.) After a few minutes he decided he was tired of waiting for me and he went back in the dog door to go to bed. My faithful dog.

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