A.J. the Stealth Dog

It’s amazing how a dog that can be so noisy can be so sneaky sometimes.

This morning I was sitting at my desk working on the computer. A.J. was lying right outside the office door. There’s carpet in the office and hardwood floors in the hall outside the door, so sometimes he likes to be on the cooler surface. I didn’t notice he had gotten up, but I heard the flap from the dog door. “Oh good, he’s using his door.” A little while later I heard the flap again, letting me know A.J. had come back in. Then I heard a noise from somewhere in the house. I thought it was coming from down the hall, and I was worried that A.J. was getting into something. So I got up, walked out into the other room, looked around, and didn’t see A.J. anywhere. “That’s weird, I know I heard him come back in.” I walked back into the office – and there was A.J., right behind my chair.