Giving Thanks 2015

There are many people out there who have conversations with their dogs. And no, I’m not talking about the people who talk to their dogs (we all do that, don’t we?), I’m talking about the people who truly believe their dogs talk back – as in, they hear an actual voice. Now, as long as this voice isn’t telling you to do anything harmful (including over-feeding your dog – that’s a popular one) then there’s probably nothing wrong with this. But, just for the record, I’m not one of those people. Although it would come in handy sometimes (such as visits to the vet), I often think one of the joys of having a pet is that they don’t talk back. That said, just because they don’t talk (to most of us) doesn’t mean they don’t communicate. And based on his communications, these are the things I believe A.J. is thankful for:


  1. Food. This includes that stuff that keeps showing up in his dog dish, extra treats that get handed to him, and all the wonderful surprises he finds along the sidewalk.


  1. His people. Well, really all people. A.J. loves everyone. People pet him, and play with him, and feed him. And feed him – did I mention that?


  1. Every single day. For A.J., every day is an adventure. We get to go for a walk? Really? The same walk we go on almost every single day? Wow, this is SO GREAT!! We’re going to the park? This is INCREDIBLE! A walk? Again? OH MY GOSH, HOW FUN!! Water? I get to splash in water? HURRAY!! Snow?! – You get the idea. Every single day is something to be thankful for. And every single day I try to pay attention to A.J. when he shows me this.