Four AM Wake-Up Call

There are certain noises that can wake you up at night and you’re instantly fully awake and alert. It could be something dangerous like someone breaking into your house or a gunshot. It could be a natural occurrence such as thunder or an earthquake. For some people it’s the tiniest sound made by a baby. For people with pets, it’s the lovely 4:00 AM sound of an animal regurgitating.


Yes, it was around four o’clock this morning when I practically flew out of bed, hoping to keep A.J. from barfing all over the carpet. I was lucky and was able to drag his bed right in front of him just as everything came up. I then grabbed a blanket, wrapped myself up, and hurried A.J. outside in case he wasn’t done yet. There must have been a cat in the yard earlier because he started running around growling. (Thankfully he didn’t start barking.) After a few minutes he went potty and we came back in.


I cleaned off A.J.’s bed and discovered what had made him sick. It seems that on our walk last night he decided a big hunk of plastic was something that needed to be eaten. He was wrong, and the plastic was now lying on his bed. After cleaning it up I took the cover off the bed, wrapped the bed in an old blanket, and we all settled back in for a few more hours of sleep.


This morning A.J. is doing well. With all that plastic gone he was ready for a full breakfast. Soon we’ll go out for our morning walk. It would be nice if A.J. would learn a lesson from this but … he’s a dog.