A.J. is Amazing

A lot has happened since our last blog entry. Life has been busy, and the blog has suffered as a result. Plus, a lot of A.J.’s adventures have been happening without me. I spend all day at work, and Greg gets to experience life with A.J. But something pretty spectacular happened with the two of them today, so I had to break out the blog again and share this story with the two or three people who read it.

Greg and A.J. went for their usual walk this morning. It was a typical walk, with A.J. sniffing around and constantly on the lookout for squirrels. Then something amazing happened.

They were walking along the sidewalk, A.J. actually walking nicely on the leash and not pulling at all. (No, that’s not the amazing part.) They approached a bus stop where a woman in a wheelchair was waiting for the bus. She was looking at her phone and didn’t see them coming – but A.J. saw her. As they neared her, A.J. suddenly lunged on the leash, went right up to this woman, and rested his chin on her knee.

The woman was delighted! She petted A.J and starting talking to Greg about another springer she had known. As she petted him, A.J. would periodically look back at Greg like “I’m doing good, huh?” He absolutely made this woman’s day.

I don’t know if he remembers the few times we went to the nursing homes during his therapy dog training, or if he just somehow decided he needed to do this. Whatever it was, A.J. is an amazing boy.