Skid Boots

We’re halfway through February, and so far this year has been a little rough on A.J. First he had a very scary accident. As a result of that accident, the area of the park we most often frequent where A.J. is allowed to run off leash has been cut in half.

While he was still recovering from his accident, he was running in his newly restricted area and, for the third time in less than two years, he tore off his dew claw. He spent several days in a bandage, then a couple more days wearing a “cone of shame.” As a result of that accident, A.J. now has a nice new pair of skid boots.

skid boots

Thanks to Kathleen at Z-Control for the new skid boots. Hopefully A.J. can remain accident-free for a week or two – or, if we’re lucky, maybe even three.