Behavior Issues

August 5, 2013

We’re well into week 2 of A.J. He’s actually coming along pretty well. We left him yesterday for 2 hours and he tore apart a Kleenex box and knocked over a plastic cup of water that was on the kitchen table. Not great, but not bad. Today we left him for 2 ½ hours and nothing was out of place. Phew.

I took him for a long walk by myself for the first time. It didn’t go very well. When we start out he walks pretty nicely, close to me with a loose leash. Then we were walking along the path and a man and his young daughter came jogging by. A.J. jumped on the man. Fortunately the man laughed and kept going. Then we passed someone jogging with their dog. We were still a fair distance from them when A.J. went nuts. I couldn’t get him under control. We turned around and so did they; they came jogging back toward us. A.J. went nuts again. We walked home along the bike path, and it was a huge struggle to keep him next to me on my right to keep him out of the way. He went nuts a couple more times, walking past joggers and yards with dogs in them. I came home and started looking for training classes. I definitely need to get this behavior to stop.

We tried doing some nose work tonight. He did it, and did a pretty good job, although he didn’t seem terribly excited about it. We worked in some obedience training with it, and he seems to be starting to pick up on some of that. We’ll try it again some other time and see if he starts to get more into it as he gets more comfortable with what we’re doing.