A.J. Progress

August 7, 2013

I noticed yesterday that A.J. has a little heart-shaped spot on his front paw.

A.J. is doing really well in the house. He was home alone for about an hour in the morning, then for about three hours in the afternoon, and nothing was destroyed. And tonight I left the bedroom door open and he didn’t jump up on the bed at all. He did, however, this morning, jump up and put his paws on the kitchen table. I gave him a pretty strong “NO” for that one.

Did a little more training today. I think he’s starting to pick up on some of this, he seems to be doing pretty well for such a short period of time. He’s getting much better about waiting for me when we go out on a walk and not just charging out the front door.

He really likes his Kongs. He’ll chew on them, throw them around, and he drops them and starts rolling around on his back on top of them. Weird.

AJ with Kong
A.J. with his Kong.

I’m pretty tired, and he’s going to be a lot of work, but overall I’m really liking having a dog around again. It’s been several years since I lost my last dog, it was time for another furry friend.