Another Terrible Walk

August 12, 2013

We’re still dealing with A.J.’s open wound from the cheatgrass. Cleaning it out and getting the sock on have been quite the challenge. He mouthed at me several times while I tried to put the sock on. The last couple of times he’s pretty much given up, finally.

We had a terrible walk tonight. We saw another dog, and I kept turning around and taking him away, making him sit. We got past one, then another came. I turned him around, had him sitting nicely, he seemed okay, so I decided to just turn back around and start walking. Well, he went nuts. Then Greg got fed up and grabbed the leash and just started dragging him away, A.J.’s front legs were barely even touching the ground – sometimes they weren’t. I had called a trainer recommended by the groomer. Fortunately she called back tonight. She’s going to give us a few private lessons, and hopefully we can get A.J. straightened out. I really want to be able to take him anywhere with us, but right now we can’t even get through the neighborhood. We start our training on Friday. He’s doing really well on his down’s, sit’s, and leave it’s that we’ve been working on.

We left him alone twice today. He did really well both times, but both times I walked in the door and he was sitting on the love seat. Not sure what to do about that. I guess as long as he’s not destroying anything I should be satisfied.