Our First Thunderstorm

August 13, 2013

We had a little bit of a thunderstorm around 3 AM. A.J. did great. He woke me up, but I got up, petted him for a few minutes, went back to bed and we all slept through the rest of the storm. He insisted on getting up at 6:30 again. I was tired, so I just let him out and went back to bed until a little after 7:00. He was fine out there on his own.

When we got back from our morning walk I played with him in the house for a little while, since he can’t get all his exercise outside with his foot still all oozy. Apparently we played a little too much. I fed him about 10 minutes or so after we played, and a little later he barfed up his whole breakfast. I then of course worried about him all day, wondering if he’s sick, did he swallow something bad, etc. I was still worrying in the evening because he still seemed a little listless, but he perked up later in the evening after he got a little more food into him. I fed him some rice around lunchtime, some rice and dog food at dinner, then a tiny bit more rice and dog food later. He’s kept it all down, so hopefully it was just a little too soon after playing.

He got a little stubborn in the evening. He was on the bed when I got out of the shower and wouldn’t get down, I had to go get the slip lead to get him off. (Of course, when I picked up the slip lead it caught on his collar which was in the same spot. A.J. heard his collar crash on the floor and came running, so I wasn’t able to give him another lesson in “Off.”)

He had his first day left outside today while we were gone. When we adopted him, his paperwork said he’s been digging out of the yard at his previous home, so we hadn’t left him alone outside while we were gone. Today we left for about an hour to go grocery shopping. He was lying on the patio when we got home.

We’re still having trouble off and on with getting his sock on, but a couple of tugs on the slip lead and he gives up and pouts until I’m done.

He’s still sticking to me like glue, I can’t make a move without him. He isn’t nearly as attached to Greg just yet. But since I’m the one not working I’m the one spending all my time with him. Plus I play with him, feed him, and give him most of his treats. Greg’s walked him a few times, and all three of us go on our evening walks, but it hasn’t been enough for A.J. to be as attached to him yet.

I bought A.J. a new collar today, a martingale. I’m still trying to figure out how to get him under control on our walks. We used it for our evening walk. It didn’t help much, he still went crazy when he saw another dog.