The Case of the Missing Sock

August 14, 2013

Sorry guys, but men really can be clueless sometimes.

I put a sock on A.J.’s paw to cover up his cheatgrass wound before leaving for my volunteer work so he wouldn’t lick at it all day. Greg and I rode our bikes to town, then Greg came home to work while I worked my volunteer shift. When Greg came to meet me after my shift was over, I asked how A.J. was. I said something about hoping his sock stayed on while we were at lunch.

“I’m not sure he had a sock on.”

“It came off already?”

“I don’t remember seeing him with a sock on. I didn’t know you put one on him this morning. But I don’t think he had one on when I left.”

So we had lunch, went to the grocery store, and went home. Sure enough, A.J. didn’t have a sock on. However, I couldn’t find the sock. It wasn’t in the living room or the hallway where he likes to hang out. I told Greg I couldn’t find the sock.

“I took him outside a couple of times, maybe it’s out there.”

I looked briefly the next time I took A.J. out but didn’t see it. I decided it was probably along the side yard or maybe behind a bush and I just really need to look a little harder for it. I forgot about it until later in the evening when I happened to walk down the hall past Greg’s office. That’s when I finally found A.J.’s sock – right in middle of the floor in Greg’s office.