A.J. Gets Tangled Up

March 22, 2015

I got the flu that was going around this month and was pretty sick, so Greg had over a week where he did all of the dog walking. One day he was walking along the trail right next to some construction. There was an orange construction fence separating the trail from the work. Greg and A.J. had been walking along the fencing for several minutes when suddenly A.J. decided to jump over the fence. So now Greg is on the trail holding the leash, and A.J. is in the dirt and brush on the other side of the fence. Greg tried to get A.J. to jump back over, but apparently A.J. just got confused and flustered when he didn’t understand what Greg wanted. Greg finally gave up and they walked the rest of the length of the fence with Greg on one side, A.J. on the other, and Greg holding the leash up over the fence.

Today A.J. got himself into another small predicament – twice. I let him loose on the field behind the school across the street. I walked to one end of the field while A.J. ran around. He ran to the opposite end of the field and behind a soccer goal. Suddenly I saw him struggling and realized he was tangled in the goal netting. I start to walk over there when he managed to untangle himself and run to the side of the goal. So I stopped, but then A.J. went back behind the goal – and got tangled again. I started to run over there as he began to struggle again. But very quickly he untangled himself and came out from behind the goal, looking at me and wondering why I was running over there. Why did he have to get tangled twice? Well, probably because he’s a dog. And he’s A.J.