A.J. Greets Greg

February 19, 2015

I’ve always believed that one of the main reasons to have a dog is so that there’s always someone there to greet you at the door and be happy to see you when you get home. When I leave the house by myself A.J. always greets me when I come home. When Greg and I leave together, A.J. greets us both, and goes to each of us in turn for pets. When we have company and they walk in, A.J. happily greets everyone. When Greg leaves by himself…well, the greeting upon his return is a little different.

When Greg leaves in the car A.J. will greet him at the door, although normally when Greg leaves in the car he comes home with his hands full of grocery bags. But when Greg leaves to go for a bike ride, A.J. never greets him at the door, ever. Wherever he happens to be lying around at the time, he just stays right there. A.J. will look at Greg and watch him as he walks in, but he won’t get up. But today, well, today was different.

I was sitting on the couch when Greg came back from his bike ride. A.J. was lying in the hallway. We heard the garage door open, and A.J. got up and walked to the door to the garage. I was thinking “Wow, he’s actually going to greet Greg. He’s never done that before.” As soon as the door opened and Greg started to walk in, A.J. turned around, trotted away from the door, and came and laid down by my feet.

Greg said “You know, it’s one thing not to come see me, but that’s just insulting!”

I, of course, couldn’t stop laughing.