A.J. Gets Tangled Up…Again

Well, he finally did it. We’ve had run-ins with the soccer goal net before, but today A.J. managed to get himself completely tangled.

We let A.J. loose on the field behind the school across the street. He was doing his usual sniffing around looking for interesting things when he found something very interesting: the remains of someone’s lunch. The problem was that the lunch was inside the soccer goal, and A.J. discovered it from the opposite side of the net. So instead of going around the goal to get to the food, he decided to simply go through the net. That wasn’t one of his better moves.

AJ stuck in the net
I’m stuck.

I saw him get caught, then he backed up and I thought he’d get out of it. But the food was still there, so he tried again. This time he was really stuck. He began to struggle so I started running out to him and told him to Wait. Fortunately he did. This was the one impressive thing he did. A lot of dogs would have completely panicked and continued to struggle. When I yelled to A.J. and he saw me coming, he stopped and sat down and waited patiently for me to get there and help him. Good boy!

It took several minutes, he had managed to get himself nicely trapped, but I finally freed him. After jumping around me very happy, he ran off – straight to the other goal. Fortunately he didn’t try to walk through that one.

AJ waiting to be untangled
Hurry and untangle me, I see more things to chase!