Christmas IV

Another holiday season has come and gone. Let’s take a look back at our previous holidays with A.J.:

So you would expect, being all grown up, that our holidays would continue to go smoothly. But this is A.J. we’re talking about.

This was our fourth Christmas with A.J., and we left him home alone without having to fence off the tree. He didn’t get into any food he shouldn’t have. When we opened presents, he got impatient with me and opened his own present without waiting for my help. But it was his present – fortunately he didn’t just randomly grab one from under the tree. And he waited until we were all opening presents together.

Granted, we did cheat a little bit this year. A.J. wasn’t even home for several days. We decided to visit family this year for Christmas. Since everyone in our family has cats, A.J. had to stay at the kennel for a few days.

But, you had to know A.J. couldn’t quite get through two holiday seasons in a row without a little mischief. This is what’s left of a poor little snowman ornament that was hanging just a little too low on the tree:

Snowman ornament chew toy
Poor little snowman ornament, plucked right off the tree.


A.J. continues his adventures. We hope you have some happy adventures of your own this year. Happy New Year!